Some pretty gross pictures – so be warned.

Some of the photos below you may find disturbing. Do Not click the READ MORE sign if you are squeamish. They are all medical photos.

X-ray of a thyroid with a large retrosternal extension. The X-ray shows gross tracheal displacement.

I’ll put in pictures from different specialities, initially there were no other specialists where I worked. For the last few years there were two O&G specialists and an eye sub-specialist.

I was called into the OR to solve the problem when another surgeon had divided the oesophagus. You can see an n-g tube passed across the two ends.It was a huge goitre and unfortunately the surgeon had taken out all the parathyroids and divided one recurrent laryngeal nerve. In the 1990’s I wrote up a list of 300 thyroidectomies which I had done over a four year period. This was done in 2011 in a University hospital.

A compound fractured mandible from a machete injury.

Truly a mouthful! And an anaesthetic ‘minor’ problem!
A hyena scalping which included the periosteum. Outer tablet drilled to get granulation tissue before grafting was possible.
We were never without a case of burns and usually had more. They often presented late.
Chondrosarcoma of the shoulder. A forequarter amputation was performed with a hope of cure but also because it stank!
Post excision of a huge lymphedema of the scrotum. Note the foreskin used to cover the penile shaft.
The excised specimen.
Penoscrotal transposition.
A case of gas gangrene. The patient presented late and comatose. She needed a forequarter amputation and the removal of the skin and muscles of her left anterior chest wall. She recovered well.
Gangrenous sigmoid volvulus – usually treated by immediate resection and primary anastomosis. I wrote up 58 cases in the mid 90’s after I had stopped what I was previously doing (resection and colostomy with later reconnection) and changed to resection and anastomosis – we had no leaks. The concept met with a lot of opposition at the time but is now standard practice in the country. Selection of cases is necessary.
Road trauma.

I did not often take pictures. Quite frankly I was usually too busy but here are a few of the thousands of medical slides that I have. Almost all taken during the last few years that I spent in Ethiopia after I had retired from an enforced period in Australia. I couldn’t get a visa for their country. I was 65 when I retired here but then spent a few years in Australia with medical problems. I retired from Ethiopia as I reached 78. I wish that I was years younger so that I could do it all again!

Barry Hicks.

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