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Air in the wrong places

Quite an ‘airy experience.

subcutaneous emphysema (2) copy
tension pnuemothorax
in the pleural cavity
skull Xray
in the skull – we didn’t have a viewing box
in the abdomen
air in male genitals copy
in the male genitals

Barry Hicks

Medical Surgical Thoracic

Thoracoplasty – not a common operation.

TB chest copy

This is not a common operation. I have done a few, basically where I thought an attempt to do a pneumonectomy was fraught with a huge risk. The other lung appeared good on Xray, but on the affected side there was a bronchopleural fistula, a pyothorax, and a destroyed lung. Whenever the patient lay on their healthy side they coughed up copious pus as it ran from the pyothorax through the fistula into the trachea, sometimes in sizeable volumes and was coughed up. TB was very common; this film doesn’t show a case suitable for this surgery.